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Vicious Id

the killing dream

17 July
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"Even though I'm an informant, there are so many things I don't know
about this place! They appear and disappear! This is precisely
why I can't leave a place where humans gather!

I love humans! I just love them! I'm in love with them!

And that's why... humans should come to love me as well."

a b o u t

Kira//Yume } } I typically go by Yume. I'm twenty-two and attending college, with an interest in English and game design. At the moment I'm still kinda floating around, but it's been my long-time dream to get published. I claim to be a writer, but its been a while since I've seriously put pen to paper [finger to key]. I've been roleplaying for the better portion of nine years, and have been an avid fan of anime, manga, and video games for what must be half of my life now.

r a n d o m

Currently Playing: Devil May Cry 4
Currently Watching: Durarara!!
Currently Reading: The Eyes of God by John Marco
Current Music: Izaya/Durarara FSTs
Currently Working On: Various RP sites, Durarara! Mood Theme

f a n d o m
//at the moment// I'm absolutely enthralled with Durarara!!. I've got a ton of different fandoms though (give my tags or interests a glance), but for now, along with DRRR! I'm obsessing over Resonance of Fate, Final Fantasy XIII and utterly fangirling over Orihara Izaya.

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lets save a bleeding heart tonight
lets do this right

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